Forest School Learning Initiative are excited to once again be holding multiple conferences.

The London locations are Hackney, Greenwich and we are also running one at Red Wood Education Centre, Gloucestershire.

For more information please contact us


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What worked well – an essay by one of our Hackney March 2018 students

Whole School Impact - When beginning my training, senior leaders were uncertain of the impact Forest School would have.  Since sessions started, we have received a ...
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A Reflection of the Course

"A Positive Challenge" I was excited and nervous mixed feeling when I started the course.That was why Ichose a monkey (person) looking at a butterfly ...
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Can you train as a Forest School Leader? YES YOU CAN!

Many of the people who would like to become Forest School Leaders and dream of being able to work in this way with children are ...
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Australian Reflection on the Course

This 'Reflective Diary' is from one of our students on the Victoria, Australia Course. "With thanks to Chris and the Team at Forest School Learning ...
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Course Discounts

Do you really want to do the course but the funds won't quite stretch for full price? Check out our newest price incentives: 1. Sending ...
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