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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Course costs vary according to which level you choose to do.

Current prices:

Online Introductory Course - £60

Level 3  Forest School Leader Course - £875

Our prices are not inclusive of VAT which will be added.

Do I need to complete level 1 and 2 training before being able to complete the Level 3 training?

No. You do not need to have done the level 1 or level 2 training before you start the level 3 training course. However, you will need to have the correct entry criteria in order to start the level 3 training, including being a qualified teacher, nursery nurse, youth worker, or having at least 2 years experience of leading activities with groups of children. If you are unsure, please ring us to discuss: 01242 602476

How do I introduce Forest School to my school?

You need to identify an area that has as many trees and natural resources as possible or hedgerow that can be developed if necessary. Ideally, the area should only be used for Forest School. Forest school sessions should over a minimum of 6 sessions with each group. It is important to get parents on board with the ethos of Forest School.  It is necessary for Forest School sessions to be led by a Forest School Leader Level 3.  Therefore you would need to train - we have courses available in many locations all the time.

Do I need a woodland?

The best place for a Forest School site is definitely a woodland: however it is important for the area to be easily accessible for the children. Many settings use school playing fields, gardens, local playing fields. These areas may need development which is part of the Forest school programme.Any area must be large enough to be sustainable for long term Forest school sessions

Are there any books that I could read to help me on the course?

If you wanted to a book to support you on the training we reccomend one of these:

  • "Forest School for ALL" By Sara Knight
  • "How children learn: From Montessori and Vygotsky" By Linda Pound
  • "Last child in the woods" By Richard Louv
  • "Toxic Childhood" By Sue Palmer
  • "How to Grow a Playspace" By Katherine Masiulanis & Elizabeth Cummins
  • "Sharing Nature with Children" By Joseph Cornell
  • "What every parent needs to know" By Dr Margot Sunderland
  • "Children Learning Outside The Classroom" By Sue Waite

What First aid do I require?

A minimum of 12 hour Paediatric First aid, ideally Outdoor Paediatric First Aid.

Why should I train with FSLI ?

We are one of the largest training providers in the UK with a 95% completion rate for our students. We pride ourselves on the one-to-one support we give our students.

All FSLI staff carry out weekly Forest School sessions with children as well as Training. We practice what we preach!

Where can I train ?

We have courses all over the UK, Australia and Malaysia. Checkout our course information by

Kind words...

The best course I have attended in my 7 years of teaching! Yes at first the thought of 6 days out the classroom and assignments to complete was very daunting. What seemed like hard work definitely did not feel like hard work. This was definitely down to the way Chris and Tracy delivered the course. Very informative, approachable and supportive. Jammed packed days with lots of learning was made extremely fun, with the added bonus of making and keeping lots of treasures! Lots of new skills learnt that I can use both in school and at home with my own child. I have been made to feel part of a forest school family and was generally sad when the training came to an end yesterday. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience 🙂 100% recommend!!
Lian Potter (via Facebook)